Offshore Business Setup in UAE

UAE Offshore incorporation assists you with maintaining your business or assets ownership in the Middle East in the most productive way. Particularly on the grounds that you stay away from the lumbering system of having the offshore incorporation organization documents attested by different consulates and Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

UAE has three authorities where you can register an offshore company,

Regardless place of registration. UAE offshore companies share a few features and rules,

  1. UAE offshore companies are not allowed to carry out the business within UAE, it means that they cannot have transactions with Freezone or mainland companies, they can only deal with the companies registered internationally or with other UAE offshores. It means that you will not be able to receive any funds coming from Freezone or mainland company account to your UAE offshore company account.
  2. It is not eligible of residence visas or tax residency certificate. If you need any of those you must register a free zone company in any of the UAE free zones.
  3. Registration and maintenance of UAE offshore company is cheaper than any other company type in this country.
  4. UAE offshore company is allowed to have a bank account in the UAE with multiple currencies as well as international bank account in any other country.
  5. UAE offshore companies can combine various business activities from different categories under the same roof, this is not the case in the UAE free zones, where you must categorize business activities.

The only significant difference between JAFZA, AJMAN & RAKICC, is the fact that JAFZA offshore is allowed to hold property in Dubai. This makes JAFZA offshore the most expensive out of the three. And other thing to remember is that Ajman or RAK ICC can be registered remotely, whereas JAFZA require one personal visit.

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