UAE: How foreign nationals can apply for a residency visa and birth certificate for newborns.

The government facilitates foreigners’ registration of their children’s births within the nation. Everything you need to know about the steps involved in registering a newborn’s birth, applying for their residency visa, and obtaining their Emirates ID is provided here.

To avoid penalties, parents must register their kid and get the required paperwork within 120 days after the child’s birth.

Birth certificate

The birth certificate is the first document you must get for your baby. The UAE government website states that citizens have up to 30 days to register a child’s birth there. The child will be granted the father’s nationality if the mother and father have different nationalities.

The following documents to get a birth certificate:

  1. If the original marriage certificate is not in Arabic, an official translation into Arabic.
  2. The original and copy passports and residency visas belonging to the mother and father.
  3. Birth details from the hospital.
  4. summary of the hospital’s discharge

All birth certificates must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mofa) and the Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) for foreign nationals. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (Doh) can also stamp your birth certificate. These stamps are equivalent to attestation by Mohap.

Residence visa

After your child is born, you have 120 days to obtain their passport, Emirates ID, and residency visa for the UAE.

You have to go to the embassy of your nation in the United Arab Emirates to apply for a passport.

The procedure for sponsoring your child’s UAE residency visa is the same for newborns. Prior to applying, there are a few sponsorship requirements that must be met. You need to have a valid resident visa first. Additionally, you need to make at least Dh4,000 per month, or Dh3,000 plus housing.

If you are the mother, the ICP must provide its approval before you can sponsor your child.

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