New advantages for Dubai residents with Nol cards

Dubai: With their tickets, Nol card holders in Dubai can look forward to several new benefits. Reason: To replace the current Nol card-based ticketing system with a central wallet account-based ticketing system, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has granted a Dh350 million contract.

This means that the new system will offer travel planning, booking, and pre-payment through smart channels, among other cutting-edge capabilities.

It provides family and group tickets in addition to integrated packages that include a wide range of services. The system also makes use of artificial intelligence technology, like facial recognition, and integrates payment via smart devices. By giving users immediate access to data including account balances, trip histories, ticket prices, and fare computations, the system improves user experience. Among many other advantages, it makes it simple for consumers to maintain their accounts and deal with lost card difficulties.

In terms of electronic security, all cards that are issued are connected to individual customer accounts, company accounts, and multi-user corporations. “This integration ensures privacy protection by improving the security of consumer and personal data. The system has a number of features that allow for a great deal of flexibility in streamlining operational procedures and keeping track of system performance. It supports RTA’s aims to achieve the integration of public transportation modes and private sector payment systems, and it caters to the needs of the emirate’s public transport network operators.

Better data utilisation and analysis based on data points, including information on the origins and destinations of trips, will be made possible by the digital payment system. This information will additionally improve.

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