A Dubai based company manager who faked Emiratization was fined Dh100,000.

The court in Dubai punished a manager of a company Dh100,000 for cheating the Nafis program. The manager was charged with breaking Emiratization regulations, and the Dubai Public Prosecution brought the matter before the judge.

The manager of the company was charged with hiring two Emirati women and misusing two work licenses for purposes other than those for which they were issued. The facility attempted to be eligible for government assistance under the Nafis program by fabricating contracts to falsely claim compliance with Emiratization regulations.

The women only had four months of employment at the private company, and their primary goal there was to get the Dh5,000 monthly government stipend.

The manager will be penalized Dh100,000 by the court for the charge brought against it. The number of workers multiplied by the fine will be applied. Additionally, a notice was sent to the two employees asking them to refund Dh20,000.

A recent investigation by the Ministry of Human Resources revealed that 1,077 private enterprises had been impersonating Emiratization in the United Arab Emirates since the latter part of 2022.

The authorities punished these companies for recruiting 1,818 people who had broken the law in an effort to outhire competitors by employing Emiratis without authorization.

When it is established that a UAE national works in a nominal position with no real responsibilities to meet the establishment’s required Emiratization targets, or when an Emirati is rehired in the same establishment to evade data and reap the relevant benefits of Emiratization, it is considered fake Emiratization.

Penalties for violating law

The severity of the penalties imposed on companies that violate the law ranges from Dh20,000 to Dh100,000 each instance. The violation must be severed in order for it to be referred to the public prosecution.

The MoHRE reaffirmed that the rules of the Nafis program and decisions pertaining to Emiratization are clearly broken by false Emiratization. The Ministry’s smart application or the MoHRE call center at 600590000 can be used to report any breaches pertaining to emiratization.

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